Adobe Photoshop tools and their Functions

This article is for those people, who are new with Photoshop software. I’m going to describe here the Photoshop basic tools , their key shortcuts and uses…there are lots of hidden tools under some basic tool, but I’ll not mention their name and functions here today. Its a starting guide for  new users of Photoshop..

   Move Tool (V) :

This tool is used to move selected area of an image and to move layer. You can move a image or a part of image to another image by dragging with Move Tool. In order to move a selected area, click on the selection  hold it down, then drag it to the desired location.

marqwee toolRectangular Marquee Tool (M):

We use this tool make selection on any image in rectangular shape. If you want to constrain the selection to perfect square shape, just hold the ‘shift’ key while selecting ..

lesso toolLasso Tool (L) :

It is used  to create freehand selections. To make a selection,  click on the Lasso tool , then click on where you want to start your selection and draw your desired selection while holding your mouse’s left button. To complete your selection, just release the button. Or go to the begging point.

magic wand toolMagic Wand Tool (W):

This tool select area based color range, wherever you click. In the Options Bar at the top, you can change the tolerance to make your selections more/less precise. Because  Tolerance is responsible for the sensitivity of the tool.

crop toolCrop Tool (C)

The Crop Tool works similarly to the Rectangular Marquee tool . The difference is you make any size of your image by this tool by putting image size on the option bar.. In the Option bar, you can define the target image’s size. Just fill in the Width, Height and its Resolution fields. The Crop Tool enables you to cut out a specific area by discarding or deleting everything outside the selection.

slice toolSlice Tool (K)

This is used mostly used for create slices and website designing.It’s kind of an advanced tool. The Slice Tool lets you to cut images into smaller pieces which fit together. This tool is under the same group with the Crop Tool.

healing brush toolHealing Brush Tool (J)

This is very useful Tool..It can  repair scratches and specs  on images. First choose your  cursor size, then holding the ‘Alt’  key,  select  nice/clean area of your image. Let go of the Alt key and paint over the damaged  area. It copies the info from the first area to the second.

brush toolBrush Tool (B):

It’s a very useful tool  to create brush strokes to make  make your own Photoshop brushes to create your custom art. Basically it is used  for painting purposes.. It paints on your image, in whatever color and size you select.

clone stamp toolClone Stamp Tool (S)

This tool  is very similar to the Healing Brush Tool ..To select the area you want to clone, hold “ALT” and click the area, where  you want the clone to be.This tool is used to create or replace the copy an area of an image.

history brush toolHistory Brush Tool (H)

The History Brush tool paints with the information from whatever History state is selected.This tool is used to give an image a painting effect.The History Brush tool paints a copy of the selected state or snapshot into the existing image.

eraser toolEraser Tool (E):

The Eraser tool erases pixels and restores parts of an image to a previously saved state. ..if you are on background, it will erase the image on transparent layer.. Basically it is used to Erase mistakes on the selected layer..

gradientGradient Tool (G)

This tool is used to  mixed colors you can say it ‘blending of color‘.  It creates straight-line, radial, angle, reflected, and diamond shape blends between different colors.The gradient tools create straight-line, radial, angle, reflected, and diamond blends between colors.

blur toolBlur Tool(R)

This tool makes object  blurry and it blurs hard edges in an image..

burn toolBurn Tool (O)

It is used for darkens areas in an image.


dodgeDodge Tool (O)

The Dodge tool lightens areas in an image.

path selection toolPath Selection Tool (A)

We use this tool when working with paths.  It’s related to the Pen Tool.

text toolType Tool (T)

This tool makes type or text. You have to click  a single point, and start typing..There’s a lot of options for the Type Tool.

pen toolPen Tool (P)

It’s for creating paths, which can be used in a few different ways, to create clipping paths, or to create selections.

notes toolNotes Tool (N)

This tool is used  to add small little note boxes to an image..

eye dropper toolEyedropper Tool (I)

Its used  to select a specific color from the image. 

hand toolHand Tool (T)

  • It’s for moving  entire image within its window.

zoom toolZoom Tool (Z)

Its Used to zoom in and out of the image for better viewing as our requirements.


 Color Picker:color Picker

Its for Set Background and foreground color on layer or use color by



If you know all these tools and their functions, it will be very easy for you to work with Adobe Photoshop.


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